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Ladies Fall Trail Ride 2017 Registration

Ladies Fall Trail Ride 2017

September 20-23 Camp Wood YMCA Elmdale, KS $325 includes all meals (3 dinners, 2 lunches and 3 breakfasts), social hour drink/snack, horse pen, other. Contact Susan Tremonti with Questions: 816-728-0654 or susantremonti@gmail.com

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Event Liability & Release Form

Participant. the undersigned, as a condition precedent to my participation in the above event, and I sign the following Liability Waiver and Release. and by my initials and typing my name, I acknowledge my understanding that: I . This activity may involve horse back riding or other equine activity, firearms. and/or other outdoor recreational activities: 2. These events are ..inherently dangerous activities'" that pose the risk of potential injury and/or death to participants: 3. The inherent risks of these activities may be increased due to other factors. including but not limited to, the excitability of other riders and horses and the effect it may have upon my mount: the ope ration of equipment on or around Club or sponsored-provided premises: outdoor weather conditions: terrain and/or the presence of wildlife: 4. l further recognize the statutory protections limiting landowner liability as set forth in the Recreational Land Use Statutes of Missouri. RSMo 537 .346 et. Seq. and Kansas. K.S.A. 58-3203 et seq.. as well as other states in which Club sponsored activities may take +; .., place, and I have read and understand the following statutory warnings: (Missouri) WARN ING: Under Missouri law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the risks of equine activities pursuant to the Revised Statutes of Missouri. RSMo 537.325. (Kansas) WARNING: Under Kansas' law, there is no liability for an injury to or the death of a participant in domestic animal activities resulting from the inherent risks of domestic animal activities , pursuant to K.S.A. 60-4001 through 60-4004. You are assuming the risk of participating in this domestic animal activity. Inherent risks of domestic animal activities include, but shall not be limited to: (1) the propensity of a domestic animal to behave in ways: i.e.; running, bucking , biting, kicking , shying, stumbling, rearing , falling or stepping on, that may result in an injury, harm or death to persons on or around them; (2) the unpredictability of a domestic animal' s reaction to such things as sounds, sudden movement and unfamiliar objects, persons or other animals; (3) certain hazards such as surface and subsurface conditions; (4) collisions with other domestic animals or objects; and, (5) the potential of a participant to acct in a negligent manner that may contribute to injury to the participant or others, such as failing to maintain control over the domestic animal or not acting within such participant's ability. K.S.A. 60-4004. 5. I understand the risks and I fully assume personal responsibility for my participation in this event, including the risk of potential injury or death, whether such risk is now known or unknown to me: and. 6. As a condition precedent to the allowance of my participation in this event, l agree that I will bold harmless the landowner(s) upon whose property this event is held, and/or the Saddle & Sirloin Club of Kansas City, as well its directors , officers , employees and members, from any and all liability whatsoever, including that arising from any actual or alleged negligence of the Club , its directors, officers, employees and members; and in light of this release further agree that I shall not assert any claims and/or bring any demands and/or litigation against landowner{s) upon whose premises Club events are held, and/or the Saddle & , Sirloin Club, its directors , officers and members , for any economic and/or non-economic loss, injury, and/or damage I might suffer as a result of my participation in this event.

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Being a member of a private club is an experience that is so unique you will not find anything quite like it. As a member of the Saddle & Sirloin Club, you will be able to  use all the services in your membership classification. Some of the activities you may partake in, include:

*Reciprocal rights are granted by each individual Club, amenities will be charged by the reciprocal or member rate.  See the business office for a full, up to date description of each reciprocal Club.

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August 2017 Hoof Beats

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MemberRoster June17

Reciprocity Information 2017
Saddle and Sirloin Resident, Intermediate, Senior, and Shotgun and Sirloin members will have the following amenities available to them:

Loch Lloyd Country Club – 816-322-1022

*          Ability to play on Monday & Thursday after 12:00 p.m.
*          Subject to availability/the discretion of the Director of Golf/Head Golf Pro
*          Opportunity to schedule tee times three days in advance
*          $100 including cart fees per person
*          Golf shall be restricted to six (6) 18-hole rounds annually

The National & The Deuce Golf Club:
*          Ability to play on Wednesday & Thursday
*          Subject to availability and the discretion of the Director of Golf/Head Golf Pro
*          Opportunity to schedule tee times three days in advance
*          Special rates as follows for S&S members & guests:
The Deuce – $50 including cart fees per person
The National – $100 including cart fees per person
*          Deuce Golf Shop – (816) 505-0650
*          National Golf Shop:  (816) 741-0634

*           Dining privileges at Loch Lloyd & The National
*           Reservations for special events such as wine dinners, holiday buffets, etc. will only be accepted one (1) week in advance of the event date

*          Use of the pool &  tennis courts
*          Opportunity to join the Jr. Golf Program/Swim Team, subject to availability.
*          Swim, golf & tennis lessons

Carriage Club – 816-363-1310
Saddle and Sirloin Members and their invited guests have dining privileges only.
Members /guests may utilize the private dining rooms for catered events with advance reservations with the Carriage Club Director of Catering.

The Terrace Restaurant:
*          Tuesday-Friday Lunch
*          Tuesday-Saturday Dinner by making advanced reservations.
*          Sunday Brunch
The Grill Room
*          Wednesday-Saturday dinner

Click link below to view Club Bylaws & Club Manual


Club Manual 2017

2017 Officers
Brad Bendle, President
Susan Tremonti, Secretary
Greg McDonald, Treasurer

2017 Board of Directors
Lee Baty
Brad Bendle
Margee Hart
Marilyn Christopher
Bob Marsh
Evan Howe
Greg McDonald
Jennifer McGonigle
Chuck Jones
Susan Tremonti