MFTR Survey Jan19

Welcome to your MFTR Survey Jan19

Please answer each question as it relates to your situation.  Do not have your spouse fill this out.
How long have you been a member of the Club?
When was the last Men's Fall Trail Ride you attended?
Did you enjoy the event?
How many MFTR's have you attended?
How much encouragement have you had to attend a MFTR event?
Would a pre-event meeting help you in making your decision to attend or not attend?
Would the same date (eg: 1st weekend in October) be important to you for planning?
What determines whether you will attend a ride?
Do you think it is important to get to know other men in the Club?
What is the most you would be willing to travel for a MFTR?
What is the optimal number of days to have a MFTR?
What days are best for you?
How important is having accommoddations available at the facility (check 1)
How much is a reasonable cost for a MFTR excluding accommodations?
What did you like at the MFTR (check all that apply)
What did you not like at MFTR (check all that apply)
What would you change about MFTR if you could ? (check all that apply)
Is the tradition of the MFTR something we need to preserve? (check one)
When you get away on the MFTR, do you prefer...?
What was the best thing you ever did on MFTR:
<p>How would you rate the following activities from 1-5 with 1 being the best?<br /><br /></p>

How important to YOU (versus the overall event, history, etc.) is:

[1=Critical; 2=Important and I'd do it; 3=Nice and I'd probably do it, but wouldn't miss it if it was dropped; 4= OK to watch, but I won't do it; 5=A waste of my time.]

Please answer in the comment section below.

Trail Riding

Is there anything you would like to add that has not been covered in this survey or suggestions of improvements for future MFTR?

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