Enjoy scenic trail rides at the Saddle & Sirloin Club

Every spring and fall, the members of the Saddle & Sirloin Club embark on Men & Ladies Trail Rides.  This tradition dates back to the beginning of our Club and is still seen as the highlight of Club membership by many who attend.  The trail rides are planned by our members and locations vary by year and season.

The Saddle & Sirloin Club boasts 300+ acres of land for members to ride.  Additionally, the north border of our property aligns with the Jerry Smith State Park for even more trail riding opportunities.  Members truly enjoy the convenience of taking their horses straight from the stable to the trail.

Outrider Program:

The Saddle & Sirloin Club members enjoy an active Outrider program.  This program is run and organized by members who enjoy horseback riding.  The rides range from 2 hour excursions on Club property to off property weekend and week long trips.  The rides are planned with both expert and novice riders in mind and all equine members are welcome to participate in Outrider events.