Compete in your best shooting sport game

Trap Shooting

A round of modern trap consists of shooting 25 clay targets thrown from a ‘house’ 16 yards in front of the firing line. Targets fly at various angles which cannot be predicted by the shooter. In a round, five targets are shot from each of five stations rotating shootings from left to right.


Skeet is a 25 target game shot from eight sections in a semi-circle. The targets are thrown at the same speed and angle each time. The shooter moves around the eight stations, numbered one through eight. The targets are thrown from two houses, one designated as the high house and one as the low house. At stations 1, 2, 6, & 7 the shooter shoots a single target from each house and a true pair. At stations 3, 4, 5, and 8 the shooter shoots a single target from each house. If the shooter misses a target, he must immediately shoot his option, or if there are not misses he shooters two single targets from the low house.

5 Stand

This game, at Saddle & Sirloin, is shot from five shooting stations numbered 1 through 5. There are six throwing machines, throwing targets at varying angles and speeds. From each station the shooter shoots a single target (which he may shoot at twice), one report pair (where the second target of the pair is thrown on the 1st shot) and one simultaneous pair. A shooter may shoot up to 30 rounds per game.

Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays is designed to simulate every conceivable shot encountered in the hunt field. The sporting clays course is a constantly changing series of up to 12 stations, and it is designed to be fired following a menu. Shooters are allowed to ‘preview’ targets at each station before shooting at them. Any combination of targets and options can be given at each of the stations to complete a round of either 50 of 100 targets total for the course.


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